825 Bicycles Are Stolen Every Day.



I've had 3 bicycles stolen in 18 months and I can verify that "even the very best bicycle lock can be opened in seconds!".


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Still not convinced? OK, check this list provided by Google.  The last time I looked there were 125,000+ web pages warning us of bicycle u-lock weaknesses.

I know what you're thinking. The manufacturer of that particular u-lock has probably fixed the design fault. Am I right? Well, yes, that's probably true. They would be daft not to. If so you're probably safe until someone works out another way to break a u-lock.  Unfortunately you will not have to wait too long. As you can see from the movie, it didn't involve heavy investment in R&D to break the last top of the range bicycle u-lock!! In fact I found a tool to open almost any bicycle u-lock, and it costs less than £50 ($90). No it's not a gold plated Bic pen!

I was astonished when I looked into bicycle theft protection systems.  For example, have you seen the protection these so called "high security rating" bicycle u-locks provide?

How many hours of protection do you think a top of the range bicycle u-lock is guaranteed to provide. Did you say 1 maybe 2 hours? - No chance. You are talking about anywhere between 20 seconds and 3 minutes protection - AND THAT'S IF YOUR LUCKY!!!! It's sometimes quicker for the thief to cut the railing the u-lock is attached too. Phone the manufacturer of your u-lock and ask them if you don't believe me.

Just out of curiosity I decided to investigate how secure a chain lock would be. I didn't waste time on one of those flimsy cheap chains. I selected one of those chains that looked thick enough to be used to pull a small boat and long enough to fit around a lamp post twice.  It also had a plastic sheaf to protect against rust. I also bought an enormous pad lock. Well, it had to be to fit the chain links. Unfortunately the chain and lock weighed 15lbs but I didn't care about how practical it was. I just wanted to know how secure it would be.  Do you know what I found out? Well, the chain is great. The weak link is the padlock. It can be picked in seconds.  No wonder bicycle theft has reached epidemic proportions!!!

The results of many studies show; the best way to protect your bicycle is to make it a less-attractive target. What does this mean? Well, one way is to keep the bicycle out of sight. What can't be seen is unlikely to be stolen. Another way is to have more security on your bike than the bike it's next to. Basically this means if the bike next to yours has 1 u-lock, put 2 u-locks on yours. If it has 3 u-locks, put 4 u-locks on yours. Are you starting to get the picture? 

Unless your bicycle is a very expensive, self balancing, no need to peddle, state of art beauty that everybody wants; a thief will always go for the easy target. It's not rocket science it's just basic fact.  Ok, the solution makes sense but its not very practical. Riding a bike with 2, maybe 3 u-locks on board? NO WAY MAN!!! Assuming you bought 3 top of the range bicycle u-locks, you could be carrying an extra 10-20lbs on every trip. Oh, and three keys to lose.

Lets assume that there are 2 bicycles secured to railings with u-locks. What would happen if one bicycle made an ear piercing noise every time it was moved.  Which bicycle is more likely to be stolen?  Of course, it's the other bicycle.

Now imaging the same 2 bicycles. One bicycle has 2 u-locks and the other bicycle 1 u-lock. However the bicycle with 1 u-lock makes an ear piercing noise every time it is moved, which bicycles is more likely to be stolen now?  It's still the other bicycle!!  In fact, the other bicycle could have 3, 4 or 5 u-locks and it would still be the one more likely to be stolen. 

Why?  Because the last thing a thief wants is attention. Anything that makes a noise will guarantee attention. Let me prove my point.  What is the most popular product used to protect homes, cars and motor bikes? You guessed it. An alarm!  It staggers me that it's 2007 and cyclists still expect to use only a chain or u-lock to protect their bicycles.

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So, how do you get your bike to make an ear piercing sound when it's moved? Fortunately for you, inventor Pierre Ducharme created an intelligent, computer controlled bicycle alarm that is about 4 x 1.5 inches and weighs just 61 grams. This award winning alarm comes packed with extraordinary features not available on any other bicycle protection system. The top 3 being;




It's no wonder that the Ducharme Alarm is the best selling bicycle alarm in Europe and the USA.  Have a look at the complete list of special features available on this incredible bicycle alarm system. In addition it's very easy to install and use.  Is it expensive?  I don't think so!  The alarm retails at £23.95 (about $39) plus shipping @ £4.75 (about $7). Delivery is 7-10 days worldwide and you can pay using a credit card or PayPal. There's even a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. So you can order one today and try it out.

Did you know that 80% of bicycle theft is opportunistic? If you leave a bike for a few seconds on your front lawn, in a park or outside a shop there is a good chance it will be gone when you get back. 
Let me ask you a question. Would a bicycle fitted with a bicycle alarm that had an auto-armament feature still be there when you got back?

I'm not saying that installing a bicycle alarm is guaranteed to stop your bike being stolen.  I'm not even saying installing a bicycle alarm is the best solution for all cyclists. What I am saying is that installing a bicycle alarm is a very real and practical alternative for many cyclist out there. It depends on how and when you use your bike. It also depends on where you leave it and how long you leave it there.  I'm also saying that due to the many practical features, the Ducharme bicycle Alarm is the best bicycle alarm available. I should know.  I've spent the last 18 months researching bicycle security.

I just thought.....   Would you like to see the Ducharme bicycle alarm in operation? You would.... Ok here's a short movie. Unlike the bicycle alarm, the movie wont win any awards but it will show you how the alarm works.


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Well, that's all from me.  Thank you for your time.

Good luck and be careful out there! 

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